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Recommended Books and Related Magazines

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Drive to Win : Essential Guide to Race Driving
Drive to Win: The Essential Guide to Race Driving by Carroll Smith.
Take pole position to learn the ground rules, techniques and procedures of driving perception and evaluation. Racing professional Carroll Smith delivers current state-of-the-art techniques for working with your crew to develop and set up your car so that you'll have a competitive tool with which to practice the art of driving.
Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving
Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving.
Achieve your full potential on the street or on the racetrack! Bondurant shares his vast experience of teaching thousands the skills of high performance driving. This book is filled with Bob's unique insights and valuable advice on the fine points of cornering, double-clutching, and shifting as well as cadence braking, throttle steering, and more. Filled with all-new photos of the latest cars and training devices. Updated 4th ed.
Secrets of Solo Racing : Expert Techniques for Autocross and Time Trials
Secrets of Solo Racing: Expert Techniques For Autocross & Time Trials by Henry A Watts.
A must-have book for everyone interested in autocrossing, packed with hands-on information for racing and car prepping, lists of clubs, rules, and much more. 'Watts instructs carefully and well.' Road & Track. 'Pick up 'Secrets of Solo Racing'.' Chris O'Donnell, Solo II National Champion, 1985, 1986, and 1989; Sportscar.
Track Day Driver's Guide
Track Day Driver's Guide by Art Markus.
How to Prepare Your Car and Yourself for the Thrills of High-Speed Circuit Driving. Today, owners and drivers of high-performance cars can no longer use their potential on public highways littered with speed limits, cameras, radar guns and congestion. Instead, many thousands of them are finding their driving enjoyment by taking their cars off the road and on to purpose-built race and test tracks. As a result, the track day has become a new leisure activity for the true driving enthusiast. Written by an experienced and successful race and test driver, this book is an essential instruction manual for increasing the enjoyment of track day driving.
Speed Secrets : Professional Race Driving Techniques
Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques by Ross Bentley.
Shave lap times or find a faster line through your favorite set of S-curves with professional race driver Ross Bentley as he shows you the quickest line from apex to apex! With tips and commentary from current race drivers, Bentley covers the vital techniques of speed, from visualizing lines to interpreting tire temps to put you in front of the pack. Includes discussion of practice techniques, chassis set-up, and working with your pit chief.
Speed Secrets II
Speed Secrets 2: More Professional Race Driving Techniques by Ross Bentley.
Discover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Professional driver and driving coach Ross Bentley, reveals what it takes to be fast and win races at the highest levels. Chock full of diagrams and concise 'speed secrets,' Bentley has created an all-new approach to learning and perfecting the ideal line around the racetrack. He teaches you how to turn errors into more speed, left-foot braking techniques, as well as three sure-fire ways to lower your best lap time.
Inner Speed Secrets
Inner Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley.
Maximize your driving ability with tips from the experts! Based on performance seminars conducted by the authors for race car drivers, this informative guide helps you consistently perform at your highest level. Chapters discuss: The Driver - The Ultimate Management System; Inner Race Driving; Skills and Techniques; and Strategies.
Porsche High-Performance Driving Handbook
Porsche High-Performance Driving Handbook, 2nd Edition by Vic Elford.
Vic shares his insights into ride control systems, new tire compounds, and Tiptronic and Direct-Shift Gearbox transmissions, all of which have transformed the experience--and the challenge--of driving a Porsche at its limits. As he discusses recent models, ranging from new generations of the 911 to the whole-cloth inventions of the Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman S and Carrera GT, modern images and historical photos immerse the reader in both the history and the evolving technology that Vic Elford knows like no one else.
How to Make Your Car Handle
How to Make Your Car Handle by Fred Puhn.
Pro methods for improving handling, safety and performance. How to check chassis, suspension and alignment; set up for drags, track, road course or highway. Skid pad testing, chassis tuning, anti-drag, increased traction, wings and spoilers. Practical data, formulas and instructions.
High-Performance Handling
High Performance Handling Handbook by Don Alexander.
You can have the best ride quality and steering response with help from this definitive handbook on suspension theory, design, modification and tuning. Learn how to lower and stiffen the car for the best handling possible. High-performance street, autocross, road race and drag racing suspension setups are covered in detail.
Wheel and Tire Performance Handbook
Wheel and Tire Performance Handbook by Richard Newton.
This book is a comprehensive source for wheel and tire information. Whether you want to know how your wheels and tires actually work and how they affect vehicle performance, or whether you just need advice as to what best suits your vehicle, this book provides the information you are looking for. This book covers daily use and competition cars and trucks, including off-road, circle track, drag, autocross, rally, and show vehicles. Beginning with a chapter on vehicle dynamics, with explanations of center of gravity, slip angle, yaw, roll, and pitch. Author Richard Newton then moves on to general information about tires and wheels--from materials and construction to use and maintenance.
High Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation
High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation by James Walker.
This book gives you the knowledge to upgrade your brakes the right way the first time. But it doesn't just tell you what to do--he uses over 315 photos and plain English to help you understand how and why your brake system works, what each of the components does, and how to intelligently upgrade your brakes for better performance. There are chapters showing you how to choose and install the most effective rotors, calipers, pads, and tires for your sports car, muscle car, race car, and street rod. You'll even find special sidebars detailing how each upgrade will affect your ABS system.
Competition Car Suspension : Design, Construction, Tuning
Competition Car Suspensions by Allan Staniforth.
Design, Construction, Tuning. Competition car suspensions are a vital ingredient for winning performance. This third edition has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments and revolutionary changes in racing technology, and in the rules of racing. Staniforth explains the theory and practice of successful suspension engineering, and explores in an easy-to-understand and readable style how and why suspension systems work.
Competition Car Data Logging : A Practical Handbook
Competition Car Data Logging by Simon McBeath.
Data logging has become an essential tool for professional racing teams in all forms of motorsport who are trying to get the maximum potential from the engine, chassis, and the driver. The equipment to successfully log this data is now available to amateur drivers, builders, and armchair racers, and can be a very cost-effective way of improving your performance. Everything is explained including how to design and install a system, how to interpret the collected data, and how to use this data to analyze a performance.
The Unfair Advantage
The Unfair Advantage by Mark Donohue.
In 1974, Mark Donohue took a year off from driving at the height of his racing career to write 'The Unfair Advantage,' a candid and revealing book about his journey through the world of auto racing -- from amateur SCCA races in his own '57 Corvette to winning the Indy 500 in Roger Penske's McLaren M16. This new edition contains over 60 additional photographs and comments from people who worked and raced with Donohue during the 1960s and early 1970s.
Porsche 911 Performance Handbook
Porsche 911 Performance Handbook by Bruce Anderson.
Buy, tune, maintain and modify your prized 911 with this ultimate guide. Learn about wheel and tire improvement, up-to-the-minute autocross or showroom stock suspension and brake mods, custom add-on bodywork and paint, and interiors -- where to buy it, how to install it and what to expect for a result. Covers engine, suspension, chassis, transmission, tune-ups, model history, body and more on all 911s up through 1996.



Automobile Magazine
Automobile Magazine is edited for automotive enthusiasts interested in the impact the automotive world has had. Its focus ranges from cars and machines to road tests and road trips. Automobile Magazine also includes reviews of new vehicles, tips for vintage car collectors and information about auto sports and the automobile business.
12 issues only $0.53 per issue. That's 83% off.
Car and Driver Magazine
Car & Driver Magazine is an excellent source of information for the auto enthusiast. Covering every type of automobile on the road, including cars, pickups, vans, and sport-utility vehicles, both foreign and domestic, Car & Driver Magazine road tests every model and then describes its performance in an objective yet entertaining way to the reader. In addition to car reviews, each issue gives you the news about the latest technology, and developments in the industry and in politics that affect the automobile business. Also included are articles on motorsports and important personalities.
12 issues only $0.41 per issue. That's 90% off.
Motor Trend Magazine
Motor Trend Magazine is an automotive publication devoted to domestic and foreign cars. Motor Trend Magazine emphasizes performance, comparison tests, interviews, new car previews, auto shows, styling and engineering details, safety reports, buyers guides and impressions of new trucks and off-road vehicles.
12 issues only $0.49 per issue. That's 88% off.
Road & Track Magazine
Road & Track Magazine covers all the best in high-performance vehicles with articles focusing on areas such as aerodynamics, suspension, and which cars have the most powerful engines. Including reviews on both domestic and foreign cars, each issue of Road & Track Magazine features only the best in sedans and sports cars in all price ranges.
12 issues only $0.41 per issue. That's 90% off.
European Car Magazine
European Car includes everything you'll need to make the most informed decisions when purchasing a European automobile. Each month you will read about test evaluations, detailed descriptions of featured makes and models, and news about upcoming events. Each issue of European Car features road tests of new cars as well as classics, and evaluates after-market products and technical modifications.
12 issues only $0.65 per issue. That's 90% off.
Eurotuner Magazine
Eurotuner Magazine (formerly known as Max Speed and Max Power) is devoted to the personalization and performance enhancement of late model cars, both foreign and domestic. Eurotuner covers the latest in European automotive performance, styling, and technological trends. It focuses on the global late-model tuning arena and serves a distinct breed of enthusiasts with in-depth technical analyses, informative features, aggressive photography, and compelling design.
12 issues only $0.86 per issue. That's 79% off.
Modified Luxury & Exotics  6 issues
Modified Luxury & Exotics Magazine sets the standard for high end vehicle modifications, with outstanding photography, innovative coverage of the fine automobile lifestyle, events, products and trends for passionate auto enthusiasts.
6 issues only $3.32 per issue. That's 33% off.
Dupont Registry of Fine Automobiles  12 issues
Dupont Registry, a Gallery of Fine Automobiles is a monthly, full-color magazine featuring the finest classic, luxury and exotic automobiles in the world for sale. After twenty years in the publishing industry, the duPont Registry name is recognized across the globe for offering a panorama of lavish, luxury items for sale through their one-of-a-kind publications. As the leading magazine for upscale automobile sales, Dupont Registry of Fine Automobiles features the most extraordinary cars in the luxury marketplace.
12 issues only $4.16 per issue. That's 40% off.
Grassroots Motorsports  8 issues
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is THE hardcore read for the true sports car fan. Each issue of Grassroots Motorsports takes the reader inside the exciting world of sports car driving, hot rodding, racing, autocrossing and rallying. In addition, Grassroots Motorsport readers get the earthy how-to do-it-yourself articles theyre searching for to provide practical, real-world tips on restoring, modifying, and improving their cars.
8 issues only $2.49 per issue. That's 50% off.
Classic Motorsports  6 issues
Classic Motorsports Magazine is built for the true classic car enthusiast. With each bimonthly issue, readers are treated to an insiders view of the world of classic sports car driving, restoration, racing, modifying, shows, and auctions.
6 issues only $4.15 per issue. That's 31% off.
Vintage Motorsport  6 issues
Vintage Motorsport Magazine, the Journal of Motor Racing History, is a bi-monthly magazine for the vintage car enthusiast, featuring in-depth histories on the significant men, machines and events of racings storied past, as well as coverage of the contemporary vintage and historic racing scene both in America and abroad.
6 issues only $7.50 per issue. That's 42% off.
Autoweek  52 issues
Autoweek Magazine features road tests, inside information, and features on cars, trucks and the folks who make them happen.
52 issues only $0.48 per issue. That's 86% off.
Corvette Enthusiast  12 issues
Corvette Enthusiast Magazine is devoted to lovers of America’s premier sports car - the Chevrolet Corvette. Each issue covers Corvettes of all eras, from the first generation solid axles right through to the current C6.
12 issues only $2.50 per issue. That's 50% off.
Corvette Fever  12 issues
Corvette Fever has do-it-yourself technical articles, color features, advice from top experts and interesting news and events.
12 issues only $2.08 per issue. That's 48% off.
Modified Mustangs  6 issues
Modified Mustangs Magazine provides true Mustang enthusiasts with the high-quality magazine they deserve! Each issue of Modified Mustangs includes comprehensive product coverage and superb photos, showcasing whats new, as well as racing, how-to-projects, and Mustang-related events.
6 issues only $1.66 per issue. That's 67% off.
Mustang Enthusiast  12 issues
Mustang Enthusiast provides valuable and entertaining articles including coverage of car shows, maintenance and product reviews.
12 issues only $1.66 per issue. That's 58% off.
Import Tuner  12 issues
Import Tuner Magazine is the hottest import mag on the scene today. Each issue features the latest gear and equipment, product reviews, boulevard cruisers, and revealing interviews with the hot Import Tuner Model of the month!
12 issues only $1.66 per issue. That's 66% off.
Modified Magazine
Modified Magazine The authority of the high-octane world of sport compact racing. With an unwavering dedication and genuine compassion, Modified delivers fast reliable and egaging industry news about the hottest cars, best events and newest products.
12 issues only $1.19 per issue. That's 80% off.
Sport Compact Car  12 issues
Sport Compact Car Magazine is written especially for automotive enthusiasts who are interested in performance, styling, handling and cost efficiency.
12 issues only $2.08 per issue. That's 58% off.
Super Street  12 issues
Super Street Magazine focuses on performance enhancement and personalization of compact cars, with technical and do-it-yourself features.
12 issues only $1.66 per issue. That's 67% off.

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